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The Elder Scrolls VI will (unsurprisingly) not come to PlayStation

The Microsoft FTC hearings have been a huge source of news for the video games industry, with many internal memos and plans being exposed for all to see. One new tidbit of information seems to suggest that The Elder Scrolls VI will be coming only to Xbox and PC upon its eventual arrival – in 2026 or later.

As reported by Stephen Totilo via Twitter, Microsoft released a table to the FTC listing many of its current and upcoming exclusives; showcasing its “approach following acquisitions since 2018”. One of the games listed was The Elder Scrolls VI, with the table claiming that the Bethesda Game Studios RPG will only be coming to Xbox and PC.

Additionally, while no release date was given for the game, Microsoft claims that it is expected to arrive in 2026 or later. That is not all, as Microsoft also verbally confirmed TES: VI’s Xbox console exclusivity, with the console manufacturer saying (also during the FTC case):

“Following acquisition, Microsoft continued to release content on multiple platforms, including Fallout 76, in addition to making two new IP titles exclusive to the Xbox console, Starfield and Redfall. Elder Scrolls VI, which is unlikely to be released for another [REDACTED] may be released only on Xbox and PC.”

While this comes as no surprise to most, there were some Elder Scrolls fans who were hoping that TES: VI would come to PlayStation due to it being an already established IP – unlike Starfield. It seems as though this will not be the case.

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