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The next Hearthstone expansion is out next week

Hearthstone’s next adventure expansion, Blackrock Mountain, is coming out next week, Blizzard has confirmed. The new Adventure will bring 31 new cards to the game, adding on to the previous 120 new cards that came with the Goblins and Gnomes expansion a few months back.

It will be available on PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablets from the 2nd of April over in the US and it will go live on the 3rd of April here in Europe along with Korea, Taiwan and China. The rollout kicks off with the first wing, titled ‘Blackrock Depths’. Unlike with the Curse of Naxxramus, Blackrock Mountain won’t give away the first wing for free, which is a shame.


In order to get the special ‘Molten Core’ card back, you will need to pre-purchase the adventure with real money, not in-game currency. The period to get the card back ends as soon as Blackrock Mountain goes live.
The expansion is themed around dragons, so expect plenty of those to be around. Blizzard has already revealed 17 of the new cards set to arrive in the expansion; you can see the list, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: I’ve still yet to complete the Curse of Naxxramus but the idea of making a dragon themed deck for Hearthstone is very compelling. Back in my YuGiOh days I used to love making dragon-themed decks. Are any of you guys still playing Hearthstone? Are you planning on picking up the new expansion?

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