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The Witcher 3 will have 16 bits of DLC and they will all be free

CD Projekt Red is out to win over gamers everywhere once again, this time with its free DLC plan for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, which is due to release in February next year. If you buy any edition of the game from any shop on any platform at any point in time then you will receive all 16 bits of DLC for free.

In an open letter, CD Projekt Red co-founder, Marcin Iwinski, touched on current DLC practices, taking issue with steep price tags for little content, which often releases fairly soon after an initial game:

“We expect support if we encounter any problems, we love updates constantly improving the experience, and we feel really special when we receive free content that gives us more than we initially paid for. It doesn’t have to be huge, it can be an awesome skin for a character, or an extra sword, or armor.”

“Unfortunately this treatment is quite rare these days. As gamers, we nowadays have to hold on tight to our wallets, as surprisingly right after release, lots of tiny pieces of tempting content materialize with a steep price tag attached. Haven’t we just paid a lot of cash for a brand new game?”


“At CD PROJEKT RED, we strongly believe this is not the way it should work and, with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, we have decided to do it differently”. These extra bits of content are the studio's way of saying “thank you for buying our game”.

The first DLC bundle will be released on the 25th of February, containing a Temerian Armor set and a new beard and hairstyle set for Geralt. After this, a DLC bundle containing two new items will be released every week for free, regardless of having pre-ordered or bought after release. Instructions on how to obtain DLC will be published at a later date.

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KitGuru Says: CD Projekt Red certainly know how to win gamers over. The first four bits of DLC have already been revealed, leaving twelve more planned, which is certainly an excited concept. What do you guys think of this? Are you planning on buying The Witcher 3?

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