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There may have been a sneaky Dragon Age 4 teaser during EA Play

While BioWare did not have much of a presence during last night’s EA Play stream, there may have been a sneaky tease for Dragon Age fans. Anthem, Mass Effect and Dragon Age weren’t specifically mentioned during the show, but a next-gen console teaser-reel appears to have at least something for Dragon Age fans to cling to while we wait for real news.

EA’s Chief Studio Officer, Laura Miele, was speaking as part of a teaser video going over the capabilities of next-gen consoles and confirming EA’s plans to support these new systems. In one part of the video, Miele talks about BioWare “using this next generation of technology” to “make those fantasy worlds your reality”.

As this part is being said, the following three screenshots are also shown:

These images don’t show us much on their own, but they do seem to fit in with Dragon Age, rather than something like Mass Effect or Anthem. In the second and third images, we appear to see red lyrium, a mineral in the Dragon Age universe.

That is unfortunately all we can gleam from this for now. Hopefully, next year, BioWare will have more of a substantial showing.

KitGuru Says: What did you all think of EA Play last night? Was there anything you were hoping to see that didn’t turn up?

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