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New Titanfall 2 video showcases campaign in 4K/60fps

Update: Titanfall 2 is just over a week from landing on PC and from what we've seen so far, the game looks pretty great. We may not have got a beta on PC, but Respawn Entertainment did provide a detailed breakdown of PC features, optimisations and system requirements and just a few weeks ago, we got out first look at 4K/60fps multiplayer gameplay. Now, we have a new 4K/60fps gameplay video to awe at, this time focussing on the single player campaign.

This video comes courtesy of Nvidia, with the footage being recorded on a system featuring a Titan X (Pascal). However, you may not need a Titan X to achieve this level of performance, as Respawn has previously claimed that 4K/60fps will be achievable on a GTX 1080.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=couaYRuHZy0′]

Original Story: Titanfall 2 isn't too far off from its 28th of October release date and while PC players didn't get the chance to try the game out in beta, Respawn Entertainment has been ramping up its focus on the PC over the last week. Now aside from a detailed look at PC features and system requirements, we have our first gameplay footage of the game itself, running at 4K/60 frames per second.

Titanfall 2 has been designed to run at 60 frames per second across the board, albeit at different resolutions. The recommended system requirements include an Intel Core i5 processor and a GTX 1060, though this configuration should allow you to run the game at 1080p/60 with ultra settings. If you have already made the jump to 4K, then Titanfall 2 promises 60 frames per second gameplay with an Intel Core i7 6700K, 16GB of RAM and a GTX 1080. Speaking of which, you can see the game running at 4K/60 frames per second in the video below:

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BztWf34sVXI']

Aside from that, Titanfall 2 appears to be ready for release, as Respawn Entertainment lead, Vince Zampella, tweeted out today that the game has officially gone gold, meaning the team should be prepared for launch and start working on any future content.

KitGuru Says: Titanfall 2 looks like a lot of fun, though it is a shame that us PC players won't get a chance to try the game before deciding to buy it. Still, hopefully Titanfall 2 will hold on to its player base better than the original.

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