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The Titanfall beta is set to open up for PC players

The Titanfall beta went live on Friday and after overcoming some early server issues, many players have received beta codes for both the Xbox One and PC but if you were like me and didn't manage to get a code, then there might still be hope as access has opened up to all Xbox One owners with PC to follow

If you're on the Xbox One and want to play the game, you can find it under the new game demo's section, that said, the open beta sign is directly on the home page for some regions. PC had the possibility of going live yesterday but after a day of waiting, it never happened- it could go live today though.

Open Beta Tweet 1
Open Beta tweet 2

So hopefully all PC gamers will be able to access the game at some point today, we'll also get an extra day to play thanks to early issues players were encountering, meaning that the beta will end on Thursday. The fact that the beta is opening means that those that were desperately buying Titanfall beta keys on eBay were unfortunately ripped off.

Update: All PC users who signed up before the 15th of February will now have access to the beta in their Origin games library. Unfortunately, if you didn't sign up, you won't get in.

KitGuru Says: I've been hearing mostly good things about the Titanfall beta so I'm looking forward to getting to try it out first hand. Did any of you guys get to try it out? What did you think?

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