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Ubisoft CEO suggests PS4 preorders may be ahead of Xbox One

The console war has been going stronger than ever during the build up to the next generation releases, so if you’re sat back wondering who’ll come out on top at launch then Ubisoft’s CEO, Yves Guillemot might be worth paying attention to, as he has given us a pretty good idea.

During an earnings call the CEO was asked if there were any concerns about demand for the Xbox One and he replied:

“What we see is that there is a good preorder list on that machine. Even if the PS4 is in front in terms of preorders, we see lots of improvement in the preorders that are coming on Xbox One. So no, we are not worried at all. We think it will be a big seller as well.”


It’s clear that the CEO is keen for both consoles to do well- that isn’t too surprising considering Ubisoft is a multi platform publisher. After expressing confidence in the sales of both consoles, Guillemot went on to say that he’s also confident that Ubisoft will rise to the challenges posed by the short term transition period:

“We are confident in our capacity to rise to the short-term challenges posed by the transition phase, thanks to the very high quality of our games.”

Assassins Creed is usually a big seller, but combine that with the holiday season and two brand new consoles, the franchise’s latest game is bound to do well.

Kitguru Says: Remember the console war isn’t a one time battle, these consoles will be going against each other for the next six or so years. While Sony may be ahead now, give it a few years and things might be different- We’re just going to have to wait it out. 

Source: Wired

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