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Ubisoft denies plans to revoke Assassin’s Creed game from owners on Steam

Ubisoft caused quite a stir this week after it announced plans to shut down online services and remove DLCs for several older titles. In the case of Assassin's Creed Liberation HD on Steam, an update to the store page also claimed that the game would be deleted from owner's libraries, but the publisher now claims this is an error. 

In a press statement issued last night, Ubisoft said that owners of games with sunsetting multiplayer features will still be able to access the base game and redownload it. In response to the warning of deletion on Assassin's Creed Liberation's Steam Store page, Ubisoft claims that the warning gives incorrect information and the company is looking to have messaging updated for all affected games across all store fronts.

Typically, we don't see games removed from user libraries on Steam or consoles. Even defunct MMOs like City of Heroes remain downloadable on Steam years after closure. There have been just a handful of instances where games have been outright revoked and removed from user libraries on Steam.

Assassin's Creed Liberation HD won't be removed from your Steam library, but it will be removed from sale soon. Up to 15 games are set to be ‘decommissioned' by Ubisoft in September, which will see all titles removed from sale and online services will be taken offline, which in turn will hinder access to some DLC content. You can see the full list of affected games, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: The Ubisoft situation isn't as bad as first thought, but it still isn't great. It is also particularly frustrating to see Ubisoft continuing to sell games like Space Junkies at full price, despite the fact that it is a multiplayer-only title that will be shut down in a matter of months. 

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