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Ubisoft is introducing a few more changes to Renown and operators in Rainbow Six Siege

As Rainbow Six Siege heads into its third year, Ubisoft is making plenty of changes to the game. Last month, we already had five major changes detailed for the game's third year and now, a few more are being introduced. For starters, the renown cost for the game's original 20 operators is going to be removed.

Recently, Ubisoft announced that buyers of the Siege Starter Edition will soon gain immediate access to three attacking operators and three defending operators right off the bat, giving them a larger pool of operators to pick from and making them more competitive out of the gate. Starter edition owners will still need to use Renown to unlock other operators in the game. However, owners of the Advanced, Gold or Complete editions will no longer need to use renown to unlock any of the game's original 20 operators- these changes come into effect starting from tomorrow, the 6th of March.

Aside from that, Ubisoft has announced that Renown costs for weapon attachments will be removed across all editions. Those who already spent renown on cosmetic items or new operators will not be able to get that currency back, but it does mean that in the future, you'll have more renown to use against other bits of content.

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KitGuru Says: By introducing Starter, Advanced, Gold and Complete editions, Ubisoft has turned Rainbow Six Siege into a bit of a minefield. Each edition packages slightly different content, making it needlessly confusing. That said, I do think having a cheap starter edition to attract new players is a good idea. Are many of you still playing Rainbow Six Siege? Are any of you thinking about picking it up for the first time?

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