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Valve cancels Half-Life: Alyx preview just a few hours before The Game Awards

Just a few weeks ago, Valve shook the gaming world with the announcement of Half-Life: Alyx, the first full-length Half-Life game in over a decade. At the time that the trailer dropped, it was announced that more details would be shared at The Game Awards. Unfortunately, just a few hours before the event kicked off, Valve pulled the plug and did not end up previewing the game. 

Rather than leaving everyone in the dark, Valve did at least use its new social media channels to get the message out, tweeting that the game would not be present at The Game Awards after all. We’ve already seen a chunk of gameplay in the reveal trailer, so why the sudden cancellation? Well, Valve News Network may have the answer to that question.

In a new video going over why the game ended up not being shown, VNN explains that up until earlier this year, Valve was not planning on using smooth locomotion in Half-Life: Alyx. Instead, Valve was of the opinion that a teleportation system would be best but after playing Boneworks from Stress Level Zero, they realised that they needed to change their approach.

Much of the work on the game right now is going towards getting smooth locomotion and realistic physics all working properly. The preview that Valve was planning to show at The Game Awards was apparently based entirely on teleportation gameplay, which wouldn’t have looked great just a few days after the release of Boneworks.

Of course, this information isn’t officially confirmed by Valve at this time, but VNN usually has good sources, so this explanation sounds very likely.

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KitGuru Says: While it is a shame that Half-Life: Alyx didn’t end up appearing at The Game Awards last night, the game is being constantly updated on the Steam database. Hopefully all of that progress being made means that Valve will be able to stick to its March release date. 

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