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Watch Dogs Legion gets a release date and gameplay showcase

Just as previously rumoured, today Ubisoft announced Watch Dogs Legion, the third game in the franchise. This time around, players will be travelling to a fictional version of London, which is now under heavy government surveillance.

Legion is built around one very unique gameplay mechanic. There doesn’t appear to be a ‘main’ character that you play as, instead you sill be able to assume the identity of any NPC found in the game, each with their own life, animations and voice lines. As you recruit more people to your side, you will be able to switch between more characters. If any of your recruits die, they are gone permanently, which is another interesting move. You can get an idea of how it all works in the gameplay video below:

Each character comes with their own backstory, so when you recruit a new one, you will get to play through an ‘origin’ mission to learn more about them. Once they are part of the DedSec hacking group, they will be part of your mission to fight oppressive surveillance, private military corporations and corruption.

While we initially thought that Watch Dogs Legion would be a big holiday-season game for Ubisoft, it is actually releasing next year instead. We’ll finally get to play this one on the 6th of March 2020.

KitGuru Says: Watch Dogs Legion looks great so far and depending on how much NPC variety we end up with, there could be a ton of re-play value here. What do you guys think of Watch Dogs Legion so far? 

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