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Wii U sales shoot up with the release of Zelda Wind Waker HD

The Wii U has been down for a while but it looks like the console is finally picking itself up as this month Wii U sales in the UK have shot up more than 685 per cent thanks to the release of Zelda Wind Waker HD. I've got to admit, this release made me want to pick up the console too.

Zelda debuted at No. 4 in game sales charts upon its 4th October release day, thanks to its long standing as one of the best Zelda games and perhaps because of the recent price cut for the Wii U too. Nintendo has had a hard time selling its console to both consumers and developers, but now it has a few more decent games coming, the existing library could start being worth the consumers' investment.


IGN have a list of Wii U games coming out before the end of the year. Some of the most exciting ones include: Watch Dogs, Batman Arkham Origins,  Assassin's Creed IV, Super Mario Bros 3D world and Sonic Lost World.

With all of the new console adopters, game sales might rise and developers could start investing more time into the system. This could be Nintendo's big comeback and it could all be thanks to one good game. Recently the director of DICE said that Linux would just need one ‘killer' title to become mainstream and it seems this may be happening for the Wii U now.

KitGuru Says: Maybe i'm just an optimist but it looks like the Wii U could be making a comeback this christmas. If sales continue to rise then developers won't ignore the Wii U anymore. Most of you guys are PC gamers but Nintendo usually brings out games that we don't have PC alternatives for, so would you consider the Wii U if it made a sudden comeback?

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