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WoW Classic rumoured to get The Burning Crusade expansion this year

BlizzCon Online is coming up next month and as a result, rumours around what Blizzard is bringing to the table this year are swirling. One of those rumours is the next big update for World of Warcraft: Classic, which will include The Burning Crusade expansion. 

To cap off 2020, Blizzard released the Naxxramas raid for WoW Classic, setting things up for The Burning Crusade expansion to be introduced sometime in 2021. One notable WoW YouTuber, Staysafe TV, recently claimed to have leaked details from a “trusted source”.

According to the source, WoW Classic's Burning Crusade expansion update should be announced at BlizzCon, with a beta beginning shortly after, followed by a pre-patch in April and then a full release as early as May 2021.

Given that much of the WoW team has been focussed on the Shadowlands expansion in 2020 though, these early date estimates might be a bit optimistic. Either way though, we should keep our eyes on BlizzCon Online for official announcements from Blizzard – the event takes place between the 19th and 20th of February.

KitGuru Says: Have many of you played WoW Classic since launch? Would you like to see The Burning Crusade brought into it? 

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