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Asus teases new TUF and ROG gaming laptops ahead of CES

CES 2021 is coming up soon and it looks like ASUS is looking to tease some of its new announcements ahead of time. In a couple of social media posts, we get brief looks at new upcoming laptops for the TUF Gaming and ROG lines. Given the timing, these laptops are likely to include a combination of RTX 30 series mobile GPUs, Intel Tiger Lake CPUs or AMD Ryzen 5000H laptop processors. 

According to the TUF Gaming laptop tease, it seems that Asus is redesigning the cooling system and the laptop casing. The new dual-fan cooling design should be superior to the one that's currently used.

The ROG laptop tease doesn't show much either, but we do get a quick a quick flash of the laptop's casing and keyboard. Of course, no specific internal hardware announcements have been made yet, but we're expecting AMD to announce Ryzen 5000H series mobile CPUs and Nvidia to unveil RTX 30 Mobile for laptops during CES 2021, so these laptops will likely include configuration options for both.

All will become clear during ASUS's own CES 2021 event on the 12th of January at 6PM GMT.

KitGuru says: Are you considering buying a new gaming laptop? Will you be keeping an eye on CES announcements to see what new models are coming out this year? 

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