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Xbox FanFest returns in digital form

The lack of E3 this year also meant that there was no Xbox FanFest. Microsoft traditionally holds this event in June but due to COVID-19, physical events needed to take a step back. Later this year, Xbox FanFest will be returning, this time in digital form.

“While our in-person events are on hold, we decided what better time than now to expand FanFest in a way that allows more fans the opportunity to come together throughout the year”, Microsoft's Brina Hatcher says. This is achieved by “digital exclusive experiences” for fans to participate in.

Starting on the 12th of October, Xbox FanFest registrations will open up. Once registered, you get ‘priority access' to events, experiences and merch, as well as exclusive access to other digital/physical events and sweepstakes. Naturally, signing up also gives you some Microsoft Reward Points and new ways to earn additional points, which can be used to redeem Xbox/Microsoft Store credit and other goodies.

There is a rumour that Microsoft will be holding a digital XO20 in November too, which could bring more first-party game announcements just as the next-generation of consoles kicks off.

KitGuru Says: I'm hoping to get another Xbox digital event before the end of the year, especially now that Xbox Game Studios has so many more studios under its belt thanks to the ZeniMax acquisition. Hopefully FanFest's return is a stepping stone towards that.

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