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Xbox One to get Neverwinter MMO next month

MMO titles have never really been that big on console but with the success of Final Fantasy XIV on the PS4 and the buzz around The Elder Scrolls Online hitting the current generation of systems along with the rise of free to play, things are starting to change.

The latest MMO coming to console is Neverwinter, a free to play title coming to the Xbox One. It has been developed by Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios, who announced that the game will be launching on Microsoft's platform on the 31st of March.


There was a closed beta for the game last month. Neverwinter has been available on the PC for some time so there is plenty of content to sink in to for those on Xbox One. The console will be getting the base game as well as the Tyranny of Dragons and Scourge Warlock expansion packs.

You will need an Xbox Live Gold subscription in order to play, something that long-term Xbox owners should be used to by now when it comes to multiplayer titles. Neverwinter originally launched on the PC back in 2013 and is based on the Dungeons and Dragons universe.

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KitGuru Says: MMO titles are a new genre for seasoned console players, the biggest hurdle developers have to get over are the controls. Do you guys think MMO games could become successful on consoles? 

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