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Dead by Daylight surpasses 50 million players

Few games can say they have amassed over 50 million players. Dead by Daylight is now one of the select few with the right to such a claim, as the asymmetrical multiplayer title has just announced this latest major milestone.

Making the announcement on Twitter, the official Dead by Daylight team released a short video revealing that the 2016 indie title has managed to amass 50 million players, alongside a brief message saying “Thank you to all our players, we hope to see you in the fog!”

Of course, it is worth noting that 50 million players does not equate to 50 million copies of the game sold. Dead by Daylight has been available to play for ‘free’ via many different means, be it PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass.

Even so, this achievement is commendable (and for live-service titles, player count is more important than sales in many ways), and shows that not only is there interest in horror games, but also asymmetrical multiplayer titles – two genres which have struggled to find an audience in the past.

Dead by Daylight launched in 2016 to mixed reviews from both critics and fans alike. In the years since however, the developers have continued to improve the game, fixing much of the jank while also adding characters from across the media landscape, including IPs such as Halloween, Left 4 Dead, Saw, Evil Dead, Silent Hill and Ringu to name just a few.

The hard work at Starbreeze Studios and Behaviour Interactive seems to have paid off in Spades with Dead by Daylight being more popular than ever. Hopefully this success continues.

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