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Demon’s Souls Deluxe Edition announced and detailed

Yesterday, Sony provided updates on a number of its upcoming first-party PlayStation 5 titles. Finally opening pre-orders for the likes of Spider-Man Miles Morales and Sackboy: A Big Adventure, the console manufacturer also revealed a number of Deluxe Editions for these titles, showcasing what fans can obtain by putting down extra money on these (in some cases) already expensive titles.

Demon’s Souls, which represents one of Sony’s biggest launch titles, will be offering a Digital Deluxe Edition. Retailing for £89.99, the contents of this Deluxe Edition will include:

  • Full game
  • Legendary Hero Soul
  • Renowned Warrior Soul
  • Storied Warrior Soul
  • Red-Eye Knight Armor
  • Boletarian Royalty Armor
  • Ritual Blade
  • Hoplite Shield
  • Ring of Longevity
  • Preservation Grains
  • Phosphorescent Grains
  • Bearbug Grains
  • Large Hardstone Shard
  • Moonlightstone Shard
  • Original soundtrack

Furthermore, all who pre-order Demon’s Souls will receive the “Reaper Scythe weapon”. Details on whether a number of these items will be available in-game after launch is currently unknown. No physical Collector’s Editions has been announced yet.

That being said, Sony did announce a Special Edition for Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Being a family game, some of the in-game additions include fun cross-over items, the full list of which are:

  • A physical (and digital) art book showcasing the beautiful, crafted worlds of Sackboy and the weird and wonderful creatures that inhabit them.
  • A digital soundtrack featuring an eclectic selection of tracks from the game. 
  • 4 x Sackboy costumes of PlayStation icons which you can use to customise your Sackboy:
    • Jin from Ghost of Tsushima
    • Sam Porter Bridges form Death Stranding
    • Connor from Detroit Become Human
    • Deacon St. John from Days Gone
  • 4 x Sackboy emotes based on each PlayStation icon mentioned above to show off to your friends. 
  • 20 x Sackboy avatars wearing different costumes from the game. 
  • A Sackboy plushie

With the PlayStation 5 mere weeks away, hopefully even more details on all of these launch titles and more will be revealed – including a physical Collector’s Edition for Demon’s Souls.

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