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Gamescom 2021: Retro Rogue-like DOOM inspired FPS ‘Into the Pit’ announced

As the video games industry matures, some players wish to go back to the simpler times, when gameplay was the main focus, and fast-paced action was king. Into the Pit appears to be just that, taking heavy inspiration from the classic DOOM titles, but with a Wizardly twist.

Announced to be coming to Game Pass at launch, Into the Pit is a fast-paced roguelike FPS which sees you “As a member of a family of lore-hunting mystics you are summoned to a cursed village, drawn by rumors of a demonic portal. Dark magics have overwhelmed the village. It's up to you to rescue the survivors, grow your powers, and journey forth INTO THE PIT.”

Into the Pit takes clear inspiration from games such as DOOM, Quake and other FPS games of old. With a focus on killing swarms of enemies in enclosed arenas; fast and precise movement; and a hard-hitting soundtrack; Into the Pit looks to be transporting players to the days of yore, when cutscenes were redundant and killing enemies was all that matters.

Being developed by Nullpointer Games, and published by Humble Games, Into the Pit will be coming to Game Pass day-one when it releases on the 19th of October – just in time for some Halloween gaming.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of the trailer? Are you excited for Into the Pit? Are games such as this simply nostalgia baiting? Let us know down below.

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