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Ghostwire: Tokyo reaches 5 million players

Ghostwire: Tokyo was one of the more forgotten games of 2022. Originally pitched as a PlayStation exclusive, the game’s developers (Tango Gameworks) ended up being acquired by Microsoft midway through development. Following a year’s long exclusivity period, the game finally released on Xbox and Game Pass – with the game now having surpassed 5 million players.

Making the announcement on Twitter, the official Ghostwire: Tokyo account said “From everyone at Tango Gameworks, thank you to 5 million fans who have played #GhostwireTokyo! Please enjoy this commemorative artwork by Concept Artist Kenta Muramatsu!”

To those who have played the game to completion, this piece of artwork resonates a great deal. For the uninitiated, Ghostwire: Tokyo is a first-person open world game which sees you taking the role of Akito, trying to save the city of Tokyo and his sister after a mysterious fog has caused Tokyo’s entire population to disappear.

Though not the most innovative game, its flashy first-person shooting mechanics and the game’s overall aesthetic (alongside an excellent soundtrack) lends to a game which is both familiar yet new – making for a fun playthrough.

While 5 million players is nothing to sniff at, it is worth noting that the game is available on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra – meaning it could reach 10s of millions if everyone who subscribed also played Ghostwire: Tokyo. That said, the game was reported to have hit 4 million just last month, and so to see it reaching another milestone so soon is encouraging.

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