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Helldivers is slowing down its cadence of Warbond releases

There’s no denying that Arrowhead Studios have been highly proactive in adding new content to Helldivers II. One of the main ways they have done so is through the release of premium Warbonds – essentially battle passes which can be purchased with real money, or through in-game currencies. Fortunately for those who have struggled to keep up with the releases, Arrowhead has announced that they will be slowing down the cadence of Warbond releases.

Arrowhead Studios recently revealed the next premium Warbond coming to Helldivers II. Set to arrive on the 13th of June, The Viper Commandos Warbond includes a bunch of cool new items, including a throwing knife; vehicle cosmetics; capes; armour; guns and more.

This upcoming Warbond will mark the end of the game’s current output, with Katherine Baskin, the Social Media and Community Manager at Arrowhead Game Studios saying:

“Based on player input, we're changing our approach to Warbonds moving forward in a couple of ways. Firstly, we're slowing down the pace at which we release Warbonds to give us a little bit more time to polish these designs before they're released. We don't want to rush anything out of the oven before it's fully baked.”

They continued, “Secondly, we are changing the arrangement of items in each Warbond to make room for new item types, and also higher quality armor and weapons. This will prevent us from simply adding more of everything, which can lead to weapons that feel redundant and uninteresting armor. It's time to focus on quality over quantity.”

Previously, Helldivers received a new Warbond roughly once a month, and while unlike most battle passes these never expire, the overabundance of new content within has been hard to keep up with.

Regardless of what you think of the team’s current output, there’s no denying that a renewed focus on quality over quantity is a good thing.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of the upcoming Warbond? How many of the previous bonds have you completed? Did you purchase any using real money? Let us know down below.

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