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Humble Games announces partnership with Game Pass for day-one releases

Over the years, Humble Games has gone from merely operating a storefront to publishing their own titles, such as was the case with the much-loved A Hat in Time. Now, the publisher has announced that they are partnering up with Microsoft to bring 7 upcoming Humble Games to Xbox Game Pass day-one.

Making the announcement on the Xbox blog, Farah Memon, the Associate Director of Brand Marketing at Humble Games revealed that “Soon, Game Pass members will be able to explore a variety of incredible new destinations, brought to life by amazing indie developers in seven new Humble Games titles — all coming day one with Game Pass!”

With that, the list of Humble Games coming to Xbox Game Pass is as follows:

  1. Midnight Fight Express – PC, Console, and Cloud (available now)
  2. Moonscars – PC, Console, and Cloud (launching on 27th of September)
  3. Coral Island – PC (launching on the 11th of October)
  4. Ghost Song – PC, Console, and Cloud (launching on the 3rd of November)
  5. Infinite Guitars – PC, Console, and Cloud (launching later this year)
  6. Prodeus – PC, Console, and Cloud (launching later this year)
  7. Signalis – PC, Console, and Cloud (coming soon)

Additionally, a number of other Humble Games are already available on the platform, including Chinatown Detective Agency, Archvale, Next Space Rebels, as well as the award-winning ‘Unpacking’ and ‘Unsighted’.

Microsoft’s continued partnership with various publishers has helped to turn Xbox Game Pass into a must-have for all PC and Xbox players. It will be interesting to see how long these titles remain on the service.

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