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Humble Games Showcase taking place later today

Humble Games may best be known for their Humble Bundles – offering a collection of games for a relatively small price – but the company does in fact publish a number of games in their own right. With that, the Humble Games Showcase has now been announced for 2023, and it is taking place later today.

Making the announcement via IGN, the Humble Games Showcase was announced, with them saying “We're very excited to share Humble Games is hosting a special livestream coming up this Thursday…Without giving too much away just yet, you can expect tons of indie game exclusive looks and some sweet surprises.”

The showcase will go live later today at 6PM UK Time and will last roughly 30 minutes. Humble began publishing games back in 2017, and have since amassed a respectable number of releases and IPs including but not limited to: Slay the Spire; A Hat In Time; Wizard of Legend; Wandersong; Void Bastards; Unpacking; Temtem; Moonscars and SIGNALIS.

With so many great smaller titles in their back pocket, it will be exciting to see what Humble Games announces later today.

KitGuru says: What do you think of Humble Games? Are you excited for the showcase? What do you hope to see announced? Let us know down below.

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