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Like a Dragon: Ishin! Combat Demo released

Like a Dragon: Ishin is an interesting game, as while the title is part of the long-running Yakuza [Like a Dragon] franchise, Ishin is a remake of a spin-off which only released in Japan all the way back in 2014 for both PS3 and PS4. Almost a decade later and the game is finally releasing worldwide. With it being quite different to the mainline series, it is nice to see that a ‘Combat Demo’ for Like a dragon: Ishin! has now been released.

Available right now across the PlayStation Store, the Microsoft Store and Steam, publisher SEGA have released a combat demo for Like a Dragon: Ishin! With the Like a Dragon mainline series now opting for a turn-based-combat system, Ishin represents a rather big shift away from what players now associate with the series, and so it is good to see a demo being released which primarily focuses on the game’s differences from other entries in the series.

The description for the demo reads as follows: “We hope you enjoy this small taste of the intense and over-the-top action featured in Like a Dragon: Ishin! What if the famed hero of Japan’s restoration, Sakamoto Ryoma, had joined the era’s most infamous league of swordsmen, the Shinsengumi? Experience the answer for yourself in this historical epic.

Featuring beautiful visuals brought to life via Unreal Engine, original performances from all-stars of the series, an enhanced battle system, and brand-new narrative content, Like a Dragon: Ishin! is itself a restoration worthy of its setting!”

It is worth noting that progress from the demo will not carry over into the full game, though considering Like a Dragon: Ishin! is planned to arrive on the 21st of February, those already set on buying the game do not have too long to wait in order to play.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of Like a Dragon: Ishin!? Are you excited for this spin-off? What other spin-offs do you want to see remade? Let us know down below.

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