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Anthem PC – First Look!

Last weekend I gave the Anthem Demo a go only a few weeks away from their unfortunate VIP demo connectivity and bug issues I was a little more than cautiously optimistic about the experience. EA revealed a rather confusing release schedule matrix, but the full version of Anthem will be released for Origin Access Premier subscribers from the 15th of February, The rest of us get to play it on the 22nd.

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Valve launches SteamVR Portal performance test demo

Remember last year when screenshots and videos of Valve’s Aperture Science/Portal virtual reality demo started popping up on the web? Well, now you can download that demo for yourself as Valve has just released it as a SteamVR performance testing tool. The tool is obviously designed to rate your system …

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Oculus Toybox demo shows how VR may make us kids again

There are lots of things that have people excited about virtual reality. There’s the potential for a return of light-gun games, where we spend our time gunning down hordes of enemies with pin point accuracy; horror games where we wet ourselves in fear at a terror that is quite literally …

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Hololens demo shows its potential for teaching

Microsoft’s Hololens hasn’t quite captured the online world’s imagination like the Oculus Rift, but augmented reality has just as much potential as virtual reality in the right hands. With Microsoft’s Hololens, it wants people to see it as much more than just an alternative to Google Glass. In a new …

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