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Magic FPS ‘Immortals of Aveum’ gets free demo and New Game+ update

Immortals of Aveum looked like a really cool game, delivering fantastic visuals powered by Unreal Engine 5, alongside a seldom-used magic-focused FPS concept. Unfortunately, 2023 has been absolutely stacked with good games, so it didn't end up selling that well at launch. To try and get more players to check the game out, a free demo has now been released. 

There is now a free demo available for Immortals of Aveum, which can be downloaded on Steam right now for PC players. This free demo is also accompanied by a major game update, which adds a New Game+ mode and a new difficulty level for those who want to push their combat skills to the limits.

Immortals of Aveum released under the EA Originals publishing label, developed by independent studio, Ascendant Studios, which was founded by former EA veterans. The game did not garner rave reviews and also released during a busy time, with games like Baldur's Gate 3 and Starfield launching in close proximity.

While the game certainly looks graphically impressive and likely cost a lot of money to develop, the game's launch price could also be seen as an issue. As a new IP, a £60 price tag is a tough sell – something that Square Enix learned at the start of the year with the release of Forspoken.

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KitGuru Says: Immortals of Aveum is a game I certainly want to try because I like the concept behind it but I don't think the release timing, high price tag and marketing did it many favours. Perhaps a free demo could turn that around. Will you be trying this game out now that a demo is available? 

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