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Ori and the Blind Forest studio’s next game is “make or break”

Moon Studios has amassed a small but highly respectable repertoire of games, known for the artistic and visually gorgeous Ori and the Blind Forest (and equally its sequel Ori and the Will of the Wisp). Despite their history of quality and critical success, the studio’s CEO has claimed that the team’s next game is “a make-or-break moment for Moon.”

After tackling the 2D platformer and metroidvania genres, Moon Studios’ next game will take players to an isometric Action-RPG. Speaking on this upcoming title, Moon Studio’s CEO and Creative Director Thomas Mahler took to Twitter to say:

“Our next project is going to be a make-or-break moment for Moon: Either we manage to revolutionize the ARPG genre or we'll slowly fade away into the distance. While that should be scary, I LOVE the challenge! Diablo, PoE, etc.: We're coming for you, may the best one win!”

In the responses, one fan brought up the studio’s relationship with Private Division, suggesting that Mahler’s statement may be somewhat disingenuous, to which Mahler responded:

“That's not really how the games industry works. It's a hit-driven business. If we make a great product, people buy it and we get to make more. If our product doesn't perform, chances are we're not gonna get another shot. So you can either play it safe or swing for the fences!”

Mahler (alongside other higher ups at the studio) has in the past had allegations levied against him due to the creation of an unhealthy work environment and so hopefully the importance of this next title does not lead to crunch.

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