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Perfect Dark finally gets its big re-reveal

First announced all the way back in 2020 via a cinematic teaser, the much-anticipated Perfect Dark reboot has not had the smoothest development, with Crystal Dynamics of Tomb Raider fame coming in to assist with development. Finally however, we have gotten our first proper look at the title, including gameplay.

Giving us our proper first real look at the Perfect Dark reboot, The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics showed off what appears to be a rather exciting immersive sim, featuring a classic mix of stealth, action and exploration, alongside Mirror’s Edge inspired parkour movement – hopefully making for what will be a highly explorable and interactive world.

Expanding on the trailer’s content via the Xbox Wire Blog, Microsoft has described the game as “a single-player experience, with a set of missions – but with choices offered in how you complete those missions.”

They continue, “the focus was on creating an intuitive movement system, which will let players find interesting ways to tackle their objectives. Add to that a combat system that allows for both melee and gunplay, stealth mechanics, and liberal use of gadgets, and Perfect Dark is a game that will present players with an objective, but let them figure out how they want to achieve it.”

All in all, the Perfect Dark reboot looks to be shaping up nicely – even if we still won’t get our hands on the game for quite some time.

KitGuru says: What did you think of the trailer? Are you surprised by what type of game it is? What’s your favourite immersive sim? Let us know down below.

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