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PlatinumGames drastically improve Babylon’s Fall’s graphics

Babylon’s Fall has had an interesting development. Originally announced all the way back in 2019, the game was initially met with excitement. Unfortunately, a more recent trailer was met with great skepticism due to what appeared to be ugly and unclear graphics. The team at PlatinumGames clearly took this to heart, as they have now announced that Babylon’s Fall looks much nicer.

Making the announcement on their blog, the Team at PlatinumGames addressed those partaking in the ongoing closed Beta, saying “Firstly, we would like to report on the ongoing improvements to the graphics. This was an area we received many strong opinions and requests about in Phases 1 and 2 of the Closed Beta Test, particularly regarding poor visibility. Accordingly, we have been working to improve the overall visual clarity, while still keeping the distinctive classic fantasy oil painting aesthetic.”

As can be seen from the comparison, the game looks much clearer while still adhering to the artstyle. This improvement was necessary, as PlatinumGames’ combat style can look messy if not taken into consideration with the graphics.

Speaking of combat, “In Phases 1 and 2 of the Closed Beta Test, we also received feedback from many players about gameplay, noting requests to address sluggish movement and low responsiveness, as well as a general lack of excitement. As mentioned in our previous report, the action elements of the game will be getting major tweaks and adjustments.”

Babylon’s Fall’s expectations have been all over the place, with excitement, then disappointment, and now leaning towards excitement again. It is good to see PlatinumGames making sweeping improvements to the game. Hopefully the final product is as refined as possible.

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