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PUBG is crossing over with NieR

Franchises crossing over is all the rage currently in media, especially in the video games industry – bolstered by live services and constant updates. PUBG has crossed over with a respectable number of franchises, but this latest one might be the oddest pairing yet.

Available right now in the in-game store, PUBG players can get their hands on various NieR bundles. Costing just under $20 for the most popular characters, 2B, Kaine, 9S and Papa NieR have all been added as purchasable skins.

PUBG has collaborated with a number of franchises in the past, including DC, Blackpink and more. Still it is somewhat unnatural looking to see 2B and friends joyriding a vehicle as they shoot an AR. Then again, we’ve definitely seen much wackier creations from the likes of Fortnite, so it’s not too jarring.

It’s nice to see that the characters do look rather authentic to the source material, with their body models appearing accurate. Then again, considering you’re paying nearly $20 per character, offering bespoke models is the least they could do. The PUBG x NieR collaboration is live right now,

KitGuru says: What do you think of the trailer? Will you pick any skins up? What collab do you want to see next? Let us know down below.

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