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Return to Silent Hill film officially detailed

Late last year Konami broke its years of ‘silence’ on the publisher’s Silent Hill gaming franchise, announcing a bunch of new video game projects as well as revealing that they are once again tackling a Silent Hill horror film. Little was known at the time, though we now have information on the plot, cast and more.

As reported by Deadline, both the plot and cast for the upcoming ‘Return to Silent Hill’ has now been revealed, with Jeremy Irvine and Hannah Emily Anderson starring as the film’s leads. Irvine is perhaps best known for his work on War Horse, as well as his penchant for engaging in some method acting. Anderson meanwhile is no stranger to horror productions, having been involved in the likes of Jigsaw, Dark Nature and the Purge TV show.

It was already known that Return to Silent Hill would be inspired by the second game in the series, but we now have a more concrete plot summary, with it reading as follows:

“The film will follow James (Irvine), a man broken after being separated from his one true love (Anderson). When a mysterious letter calls him back to Silent Hill in search of her, he finds a once-recognizable town transformed by an unknown evil. As James descends deeper into the darkness, he encounters terrifying figures both familiar and new and begins to question his own sanity as he struggles to make sense of reality and hold on long enough to save his lost love.”

In an interesting move, Return to Silent Hill will be bringing back Christophe Gans who directed the very first Silent Hill film all the way back in 2006. While a decent film for its time, hopefully Return to Silent Hill manages to continue the recent trajectory of video game adaptations actually being genuinely good. We will have to wait and see when the film releases some time in the unknown future.

KitGuru says: What do you think of the cast? Are you excited for Return to Silent Hill? What did you think of the original two films? Let us know down below.

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