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Konami is now making gaming PCs

Konami might be lagging behind when it comes to new releases in some of its historic game franchises, but it is not lagging behind when it comes to hardware. This week, Konami is taking a step away from Pachinko machines and instead launching a series of decently spec’d gaming PCs.  …

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Kojima snags Metal Gear veterans for new studio

Hideo Kojima’s unceremonious end to his three decade career at Konami is a big deal, as it means that for the first time in his career, he’ll be making a game without the people that helped make the Metal Gear series so iconic. But not so fast. Some of those …

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Hideo Kojima and Sony confirm partnership with new studio

Yesterday was Metal Gear Solid creator, Hideo Kojima’s last day with Konami. The long-time developer has finally moved on from the place that shunned him in his final months at the developer/publisher and now heads up his own company, called Kojima productions. Confirming yesterday’s rumours too is Sony, which released …

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