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Sony’s latest fiscal report reveals success across the board

When the PlayStation 5 first launched, it was met with a great deal of scarcity due in part to incredibly high demand, but also as a consequence of deep supply issues. Over the years, the console has become more and more accessible, with 2023 said to be the best year in this regard. We have seen this pan out in each successive Fiscal report – with the latest figures showing the console manufacturer succeeding in all metrics.

Sony recently released their latest fiscal report for Q1 FY2023 (ending on the 30th of June) revealing that the PlayStation 5 has sold a further 3.3 million units. Not only is this an increase of 0.9 million when compared to the same period last year, but it also pushes total PS5 console sales to 41.7 million – just 7.4 million units behind the classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

Other notable points of growth include the total number of monthly active users, reaching 108 million (up 5 million from the same period last year). Alongside hardware, software sales have also seen an increase, with the 3 months in Q1 FY2023 amassing more than 56.5 million sales (compared to 47.2 million last year in the same period).

Interestingly, one of the few metrics which did see a decline was in the ratio of physical to digital games sold. Q1 2022 saw 79% of all software sales being digital, which has since dropped to 72% as of Q1 2023. All that said, total software sales are up, so this decrease is somewhat of a moot point.

It has been interesting to see the upward trajectory which Sony have managed to find themselves in this generation. While it may have been off to a slow start, 2023 is showing that the 9th generation of gaming is only just getting started.

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