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Square Enix claims FF7 Rebirth is PS5 exclusive due to SSD speeds

We currently exist within a cross-generational period, with many of the newest titles releasing also coming to previous-gen systems. One game which won’t be back-ported to PS4 is the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which according to publisher Square Enix is due to the enhanced SSD speeds of the PS5.

In a recent interview conducted by Japanese site ‘Gamer’ (and translated by Gematsu), Yoshinori Kitase, the producer for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, discussed the reasons as to why the game would not be coming to PS4 despite the first entry in the FF7 remake trilogy originally releasing on said system. According to Kitase:

“It's exclusive to PlayStation 5 because of the graphical quality, of course, as well as SSD access speed.”

Explaining further, Kitase said “Since the adventure unfolds in a vast world after the escape from Midgar, loading stress is an extreme bottleneck. We felt we needed the specifications of PlayStation 5 to overcome that and travel the world comfortably.”

From what we have seen of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – as well as what we know from the original 1997 title – the second act of the game is much more open than the midgar section. Considering the fact that the PS4 release of FF7 was already pushing the console to its limits, this next-gen exclusivity makes sense. Hopefully more fans are able to get their hands on PS5s by the time the game releases in Winter 2023.

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KitGuru says: Do you own a PS5? What do you think of the game being exclusive to 9th-gen systems? Do you believe this reasoning? Let us know your thoughts down below.

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