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Stray seemingly confirmed for Xbox thanks to ESRB

One of the more unique titles to release last year was Stray, a game which has you play as a cat in a futuristic cyberpunk robot world. Having launched for PlayStation 5, PS4 and Windows on the 19th of July 2022, the game looks set to be finally coming to Xbox consoles thanks to a new listing by the ESRB.

As reported by Twitter user and self-proclaimed “Xbox News Guy” IdleSloth84, Stray has now been rated for the Xbox Series X|S as well as the last-gen Xbox One, suggesting that its multi platform console release could be imminent.

Little else is known about the game’s release on Xbox at this time (especially as there is no direct correlation between when a game is rated and when it will come out), however with Stray originally launching on the 19th of July it would make sense for the exclusivity to end around the same time this year.

For the uninitiated, Stray is a third-person adventure title which sees you play as a cat who has fallen into a world filled entirely with robots, where you then have to find your way back home to your family.

The game received a great deal of love from both critics and fans alike upon its initial release, with many praising the attention to detail – in particular with regards to how the cat moves and acts. It is exciting to see that Xbox owners will soon be able to also experience this unique title.

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