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Xbox Live Games with Gold for January announced

Each month, Microsoft gifts its Xbox Live Gold subscribers (as well as Game Pass Ultimate members) with four free games. For the month of January, subscribers can get their hands on a number of enticing games, including the horror puzzler Little Nightmares and the Xbox classic Dead Rising.

Xbox’s free Live Games with Gold for the month of January are:

Little Nightmares is a side scrolling horror puzzle game in the vein of LIMBO and INSIDE, and sees you “Help your character, Six, survive The Maw: a massive and mysterious vessel inhabited by corrupted souls looking to make you their next meal. Reconnect with your inner childhood and unleash your imagination to escape the horrors within and find salvation.”

Dead Rising is a game that needs no introduction to Xbox fans. Originally released on the Xbox 360, the remaster of this game allows you to relive the adventure of Frank West, a journalist who gets dropped into a mall during a zombie outbreak. Being able to use almost anything as a weapon, you have 72 hours to discover the source of the outbreak and get out alive.

The King of Fighters XIII is  an Xbox 360 title playable via backwards compatibility, and serves as “an upgraded version of the original arcade classic” fighting game.

Breakdown is an original Xbox title, also playable via backwards compatibility, which sees you play as Derrick Cole, who must fight his way out of a mysterious lab while unable to remember his past, using his newfound extraordinary powers.

All four games will be made available over the course of January to those with an Xbox Live Gold subscription, or an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

KitGuru says: What do you think of 2021’s first offerings? Is it a good start to the new year? Do you think Xbox Live Gold will persist through to the end of 2021, or will it be absorbed by Game Pass eventually? Let us know down below.

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