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Work stops on KitGuru

Every now and then, something comes along that is totally engaging and completely useless. The frog ring tone and the Rubic’s Cube are two examples. Sunday morning, KitGuru received a link in the inbox (ouch!), opened it and spent the next half hour doing nothing productive whatsoever. You have been warned.

In a world where the polyphonic synthesier can make any sound known to man (and 10,000 you could never possibly imagine), what engagement is possible from a simple set of 16 squares that just ‘says words’?

If you have speakers and some spare time, try clicking on this link and downloading the programme. We went with the QWERTY set-up, but they also offer AZERTY for our French cousins.

You can start with the simple QA, WS, ED, RF, YH, UJ, IK, OL and branch out from there.

make it stronger, make it harder, fnar fnar

KitGuru says: We love it and will be waiting for more of this inane nonsense. We didn’t get any weird adverts or dodgy viruses, just good clean fun, but that’s just us and we’re heavily protected.

Comment below, and let us know if you have any more ‘complete waste of time’ web pages!

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