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Microsoft patch breaks records, again

For the third time in 2010, Microsoft have just issued another massive, jaw dropping slew of security patches.

Their December Bulletin Release contains 17 security bulletins which address 40 vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office, Windows OS, SharePoint Server, Internet Explorer and Exchange.

In October they broke their previous record, issuing 16 security bulletins. This month there was a higher amount of bulletins released, but less individual vulnerabilities. In August they had 14 bulletins across 34 vulnerabilities. We dread to think the status of a system right now if it has missed these three series of bulletin patches.

Microsoft in the days when Windows 7 was eons away

The December raft of fixes brings only two ‘critical’ ones. Fourten are rated ‘important’ and one is rated ‘moderate’. The two critical bulletins, MS10-090 and MS10-091 address vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer and Windows and these should be patched first, according to Microsoft information.

In 2010, this is 106 bulletins issued, which is up from 74 in 2009 and 78 in 2008. Symantec say its 261 vulnerabilities patched in 2010 while McAfee say its 266.

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