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Free Windows from Aria, extends the life of old PCs

One of the biggest issues facing PC users is how to get enough Microsoft operating systems to go around. While Apple might offer amazing deals on a complete OS for just over £20, Microsoft has been bleeding users dry for up to £100 at a time – for decades. Now Aria has a solution for customers. KitGuru drops a copy of CPM on a 5.25″ floppy and heads off to investigate.

Microsoft seems to offer more version of Windows than your average double glazing salesman, but some options are definitely more desirable than others.  Windows Home Server is definitely one of those and, at the time of writing, book stores like Amazon are charging at least £45 for back-door-OEM version.

Not so with Aria. Buy any of its Gladiator Gaming Systems – and you will get a copy of the OS absolutely FREE.

FREE. We like that. It’s KitGuru’s favourite price.

KitGuru's seen opinions split over a lot of things, but not the attractiveness of a free OS

So, what will it do for you ?

Windows Home Server 2011 is designed to help families keep their files and data automatically backed up, organized, and accessible. Affordable and easy to use, it’s normally available as a pre-installed solution. You can apparently use it to recover lost files, restore your PC, help keep your devices running smoothly and safely, and stream media files across your home network. It also claims the following features:-
• Automatic, daily backups of all network PCs
• Easy, centralized PC maintenance and secure access to files across your home network
• Streaming of media files across your network
• Remote, online access to files and home-based PCs
• It’s also extendable with add-ins and third-party apps. You know – just like all that Open Source goodness that Microsoft has been touting for years

OK, so the deal seems good and the Gladiator range includes some impressive DX11 specifications from just £339 – so the only thing you need to decide now is ‘Which system spec is best for you’. Once it arrives, you can load your new Gladiator box with the new OS or stick your old OS on the new PC and the new OS on something completely different.

This 19 year old chap was so impressed with Windows Home Server that he never left the house again and lived happily ever after.

KitGuru says: Not sure how Aria has managed this – but getting a FREE OS these days is a really impressive deal. Means you can stream to your hearts content and never have to touch Linux again. Bonza.

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