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Chrome OS might launch this week

Rumors are circulating that Google may be launching Chrome OS very shortly at the Google I/O. With the latest news on Samsung’s upcoming Chrome OS notebook being released it would certainly seem like good timing.

Chrome OS has been in development for some time now, with CR-48 notebooks helping developers and testers to enhance the platform. Google’s I/O website is highlighting that Chrome OS will not be discussed as there is no mention of the operating system in the program at all. That said, there will be many Chrome sessions starting up to help build web applications and to support HTML 5 development.

In the last weeks Google have been adjusting the Chrome OS with a new start screen in place, and the UI has changed colours from predominately blue to grey. They have also been working hard on the new file manager user interface which helps streamline some of the functionality.

KitGuru says: Knowing Google, they will be giving away more hardware to developers and key members of the public to help adoption and application support over the coming months.

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