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Doom gets approved for sale in Germany: only 17 years later

Many readers might not know, but Doom was never approved for sale in Germany. This has been overtuned this week however as both Doom and Doom 2 have received a USK 16 rating which allows them to be sold in Germany.

Both titles were listed by the countries Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons, meaning they were only available illegally underground.

Beware of the red blobs.

The BBC said that the ban was lifted because Doom content is classed as ‘mainly of historical interest' although one version of Doom 2 is still banned due to some levels which Nazi imagery.

Doom publisher Bethesda Softworks told Joystiq that they were ‘obviously very pleased' with the new decision. We aren't sure how sales of the game will be affected, after all it is 17 years after the initial release.

Kitguru says: Can you remember playing the first Doom all those eons ago?

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