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‘Machinarium’ to support iPad 2, not iPad

One of the finest independent games is finally to hit the Apple tablet. Bad news however for owners of the original iPad as the developer Amanita Design are claiming that it won't be supported.

According to their comments, the original iPad doesn't have enough memory, and the processor struggles to power the game. They are also releasing a version for capable Android tablets, and the Blackberry Playbook.

The iPad version was originally scheduled for release a month ago, but was delayed due to some development issues when converting the game from flash code.

The Xbox 360 also won't be supported, due to some problems working with Microsoft. Thankfully there will be a Playstation 3 version as well as a Wii version in the making.

Machinarium is a fantastic game with some beautifully rendered environments. When it was first released in 2009, it won the ‘Excellence in Visual Art' at the 12th Independent Games Festival.

Kitguru says: Is this the start of more demanding games demanding the iPad 2?

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