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Parallels Access: special PC and Mac control for your iPad

Parallels are a company well known for creating software to run virtual operating systems inside another and their latest package is designed for the iPad. It aims to solve a lot of problems caused by many ‘remote system control’ software.

Parallels Access is an iPad application that tries to make remotely accessed PC programs work more like a native mobile application. It isolates PC or Macintosh applications, showing them full screen with their own icons. The concept is to reduce resolution and interface issues and make the software operating almost like a native iPad application.

Parallels Access gives you quick access to an application launcher, full of icons for all of your desktop software. A two fingered tap will translate into a right click and dragging your finger translates to a scroll.

Text selection works just as a native iPad application would. You can copy and paste between the remote computer and the iPad as well. Holding your finger on the screen will zoom in on the area you selected. The software also includes a multitasking switcher so you can swap between software running on the Mac/PC.

You can read more on this software, over here.

So far so good, but be prepared to pay for the software. The company are charging $80/£54.99 for a 1 year deal, per pc. At this price we can only assume that the software will target people in the IT industry, who need remote access.

Kitguru says: A fantastic looking application, but the price of admission is very high.

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