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Overclockers UK tease with exclusive system image

We posted a while ago that Overclockers UK have something big on the horizon. It caused a lot of speculation and many of our readers associated the teaser with their resident overclocking guru 8Pack. We have no confirmation from Overclockers on what exactly is coming, but we received another very nice exclusive image from them directly today.
Obviously the fan at the front gives an indication that this could very well be a new custom system build from 8PACK. We love the colour scheme and the build quality certainly looks very high grade to us. Let us know what you think in the comments section or on our Facebook page.

It does appear as if these systems may fill a void in the UK right now – that being a user who wants a state of the art liquid cooled, overclocked rig but is unsure about how to build it him/herself. More information from the nice chaps at OverclockersUK when we get it !

Kitguru says: Loving the colour scheme and work in this build!

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