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Is the Delta Six controller what gamers have been waiting for?

It has been nearly 3 decades since gamers collectively picked up a gun controller and shot digital ducks out of the pixelated air. Now the team behind the Delta Six controller want gamers to relive that experience with their successfully funded Kickstarter project.

The Wii had numerous peripherals, but none really looked the part.

The idea behind the Delta Six is to replicate the look and feel of a semi-automatic rifle by implementing features such as recoil through the use of an actuator, swinging the stock to simulate a melee attack and looking down the barrel to zoom in-game. The Delta Six also boasts compatibility across all consoles and PCs and will receive a patch once the next generation of consoles have been released.

At release the controller will set gamers back $225 (approximately £150) and its creator, David Kotkin, has promised the gun will be modified to comply with local legislation.

KitGuru says: Anti-videogame activists will no doubt pounce on the opportunity to call for more stringent industry regulation. We,  however, are more concerned about industry backing. If developers don’t support the Delta Six with innovative games it will not last long.

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