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Hitman 2 announced and coming in November this year

Under Square Enix's reign, IO Interactive took Agent 47 in a very different direction with a new episodic Hitman game released in 2016. The game actually turned out to be fairly well received, but we were unsure whether or not we would get a sequel once IO Interactive went independent. Fortunately, WB Games stepped in to pick up the publishing rights, and now Hitman 2 has been officially announced.

Hitman 2 will veer off from the episodic format, releasing as a full game. There will be multiple sandbox locations throughout, ranging from busy urban streets to dark rainforests. For the first time in the series' history, Hitman 2 will also feature a co-op sniper assassin mode.

Not everything from the episodic Hitman is being dumped. Contracts, elusive targets and escalation will all be returning, with elusive targets in particular acting as a good way to keep players engaged over time.

Currently, Hitman 2 is set to launch on the 19th of November, and post-launch content updates are confirmed, though it will require the purchase of an additional season pass.

KitGuru Says: Hitman has always been a highly regarded franchise, so it would be great if Hitman 2 can bring it back into the mainstream. Are you excited for a new Hitman?

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