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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an action-adventure game, not an RPG

Since the release of Demon Souls, From Software has gone from strength to strength. Now, all eyes are on the studio's next game- Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which had a promising showing at E3 this year. A From Software game is always going to generate buzz, but the new direction that Sekiro takes has raised a lot of questions from fans of the developer, including what genre the game will be.

While the Dark Souls series is considered to be an RPG, Sekiro will be going in a different direction. After seeing the game in action at E3, PCGamer reports that Sekiro will be an action game, with no classes or stats to level up. This extends to weapons and armour too.

Sekiro will be a full on action-adventure title, with players utilising different gadgets over the course of the game. The grappling hook was shown during the E3 trailer, but more will become available over time through the main protagonist's ‘Shinobi Prosthetic', a tool that replaces your lost hand.

The combat system will also different to what Souls players are used to. This time around, combat is less about chipping away at a health bar, and more about reducing enemy stamina in order to inflict big damage hits and eventually open them up for a lethal finishing move. In some ways, it is comparable to Ni-Oh, which launched last year.

KitGuru Says: While Sekiro will be ditching the RPG-style level up system, this does point towards this game being fairly different to Dark Souls and Bloodbourne. That in itself, is fairly exciting, as it shows that From Software is interested in trying out new approaches to gameplay after many years of Souls-likes. Are many of you looking forward to Sekiro?

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