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Sharkoon tackles high-end gaming chairs with real leather SGS5

Over the last year, Sharkoon has been expanding in to the gaming chair market with affordable, sub-£200 options. Now this week, the company is aiming to tackle the high-end too, with a new premium chair with real leather, rather than faux leather or cheaper fabric.

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGS5 is a premium model, stepping above the SGS2 by trading in the cheaper fabric for real leather upholstery. This is described as an ‘executive chair’ and features many of the same characteristics as the SGS4, including a steel frame and support for 200cm body length and 150KG weight.

Lumbar and head cushions are included as expected. The chair uses the same five-star base that you’ll find on most gaming chairs, although the SGS5 turns things up a notch by including locks for the wheels. If you’re trying to play a racing sim, or if you’ve found a perfect sitting position at your desk, then you can lock the wheels in place to avoid rolling around.

The foam passing on the SGS5 is rated at 70kg/m3 density for the seat and backrest. The adjustable arm rests can also be moved for different angles and heights. There is a rocking function, so you can lean back and lock the chair in place at angles between 90 and 160 degrees.

Given that this is a fully leather chair, it is on the more expensive end of the spectrum. The Sharkoon SKILLER SGS5 will launch for €499. If you are after something cheaper, then the SGS2 line is still available and sits under the €200 mark.

KitGuru Says: There are lots of options to choose from in the gaming chair market at the moment. Are any of you looking to pick one up? What do you think of Sharkoon’s latest offering?

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