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Do UK business executives take cyber-security seriously?

If anything has been learned by the tech community over the past few years, it’s that determined hackers will almost always get what they want. Whether you take a look back at Anonymous’ impressive resume of successful take downs and leaks, to Edward Snowden dumping thousands of classified files on the desk of Guardian journalists, to Sony losing millions of customer records and financial details. The list of examples is huge and yet apparently, UK business heads don’t take security particularly seriously.

In a recent infographic by Roberthalf, which looked at a recent survey of 100 British Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers, the numbers of those actually concerned with digital security, were surprisingly low. For some of them it’s because they don’t think they have much information worth stealing, or that there are more important things to focus on, but the largest number simply believe that there isn’t much of a threat out there.


It’s surprising that so few are interested in following industry best practices and even more so, that less than a third consider themselves keeping up with the times and updating policy as technology changes – that’s perhaps the more important aspect of the whole thing.

I wonder if the priorities of these higher ups would change dramatically if their business was hit hard?

KitGuru Says: There’s a lot of apathy here. Why do you guys think that some of the country’s biggest CTOs seem so disinterested in shoring up their digital defences?

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