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Bing better than Google? Blackberry adopt it at OS level

Microsoft’s Bing search engine is going to become the default client on Research In Motion’s BlackBerry devices, according to Microsoft CEO Steve ‘Im a bit crazy’ Ballmer.

The Microsoft CEO told people at the event yesterday that Bing and Bing Maps are going to be ‘integrated at the OS level’ on BlackBerry handsets to be released later this year.

People at the event were shown a video highlighting how bing would work. The video is shown below.

The move is clearly to help Microsoft get promotion and market share with Google dominating the figures, and RIM are losing market share to Apple’s iPhone and the plethora of smartphones using Google’s Android OS.

Microsoft have also set a deal in place with Nokia to develop handsets for the Windows Phone 7 mobile OS in another step to mount a challenge against Google and Apple.

KitGuru says: Is this a wise move, or will it alienate people who actually would prefer Google search on their phones?

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